Owner’s Protection
Tenants’ Connections

Efficiently managing residential properties in
New York City.

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Owner’s Protection
Tenants’ Connections

Managing residential properties in
New York City.

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Because we understand the fluctuating NYC market well, we will guide you in marketing your property the right & best way, so you could attain the highest potential profits.

By constantly innovating with the newest technologies, we ensure that your rental income is maximized and your business expenses are kept to the minimum.

We ensure you are 100% compliant with all  requirements of NYC Tax Benefits such as 421A. With our knowledge in those programs, you sleep peacefully knowing your benefits are not jeopardized.

Greeni Management takes the stress of owning investment apartments in New York City off your back. 

You relax,
We'll handle the rest.

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Tough on us, easy on you.

With our technology and strategy we work hard to negotiate for the market’s best options. Our automated state of the art client support tools helps you review, optimize and reduce your power costs the simple way.

Plans for every pocket

Whether you prefer a fixed or variable plan, our plans are customizable and flexible to match your individual business goals.

We know what counts.

By understanding the competitive forces that drive the energy market, the complex industrial workflows, our customers rely on us with confidence.

New York City’s real estate market is competitive.

It’s therefore crucial to work with a property manager that has  a record of successfully managing buildings and apartments.

We understand the struggle property owners in NYC face, and we'll help you earn the most for the properties you own.

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What's the cost savings?

Our standard charge is 5% of the gross rental earnings of your investment.

However as a Greeni Management client, you will receive discount rates on all operational services property owners come across.

With our in-house staff & expertise we save you on

insurance coverage
Specialist’s fees 
Legal fees
Tenant turnover costs

Which will significantly offset the management charge.

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